*** Trekking Tour Around Hsipaw *** Trekking Tour To Mountain villages *** Overnight Trekking At The Mountain village Around The Regions. *** Hsipaw River Boat Trip *** Bicycle Tour *** Motor Bike Tour Around The Region. *** Temple Tour Around …

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This picture shows a beautiful and peaceful moment with a innocent children. This moment is one of the breath taking moment for every travelers’s expectation, when they go for the trek. Some time it is very difficult to prove the …

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The adventure jungle trek is one of the most challenging trip in comparison with other trek in Hsipaw. It is especially for strong and energetic trekkers, who want to explore the wild nature. This kind of trek is unlike other …

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Horses are used for mainly to transport the goods, carry up and down the heavy (tea bags, rice bag or corn bags) along the steep moutain, where could not reach by any vehical.

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Mountain People Dress Up Their Traditional Dress.


The Mountain Ethnic (Ta-Ang Palaung people), the young people especially dressup their traditional custume during the special event, festival, or big ocassion. But the old people wear it for ever but it is in a more simple way.


The Home Stay


The family from the Home stay is very friendly and warmly welcome to all visitor, they love to smile, show their happiness, share their culture, life style and their daily work. houses are made by the wood from its region. …


TA – Palaung People


TA-Palaung people, who live only in the mountain and always carry down their goods to the valleys market for sale. They mostly trek and carry its goods by forehead as their custom.


The Beautie Of Mountain Rice Field


The Mountain rice is only harvest once in a year. Because its climate and the rain offer one period. Usually rice grow in around July or August and curtivate in around December. Some tourists came to study how its works …


Trek up over the cloud


To have a beautiful view of the sea cloud, you have to wake up early and trek up to the peak of the mountain before the sun blow it away.


Beautiful Shan ladies with tradition


Tourists met onet of the Shan traditional party and Shan ladies with their colorful dress at one of the Shan village during the trek. Thoes ladies and Shan people are quite friendly amd shy, happy to interect and talk with …