To have a beautiful view of the sea cloud, you have to wake up early and trek up to the peak of the mountain before the sun blow it away.

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Tourists met onet of the Shan traditional party and Shan ladies with their colorful dress at one of the Shan village during the trek. Thoes ladies and Shan people are quite friendly amd shy, happy to interect and talk with …

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Enjoy your trekking and have a lovely walk into the beautiful farmland which has sarounded by the native flowers as well as beautiful weather.

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The morning scenery of these mountains are quite spectacular and breath taking. Sitting on the peak and enjoy the view while there are quite windy.

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Trek-Ended Water Fall !

After the hike on the sunny day, it is so lovely to be having bath into water fall which  is on the way back to Hsipaw from the mountain.  Just grab some beer and enjoy the view of agriculture land …


Hiking journey from city to city.

Discover the nature and people around the northern Shan state, mountainous region. Having a nice journey by hiking from city to city.


Boat Ride And Trek Around Hsipaw River

Taking a boat ride along the Dotha Waddy river of Hsipaw, stop somewhere and trek to Shan monastery and visit shan villages along the river side. Visit around the agriculture land, pineapple garden and so on.


Just a selfie fun !

Enjoin the trek, stop at the beautiful point and take some selfie picture.


Agriculture Land And Rice Paddy

By the time you trek around the region, you will also visit the different landscape of rocky mountain and the beautiful rice paddy. January is time for Shan people to harvest the rice and stack up into a pile. Afterward, …



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