Trekking Information

Trekking Information

Greeting !

Welcome to my private Northern Shan State trek  !

Nature Base Trekking or Authentic Base Cultural Trekking (at our green land region).

We will lead the trekking tour service, guiding trekkers around our region through agriculture land such (Corn farm, rice farm, seasonal crops farm, flowers, vegetables and tea plantation. walk different forests like (jungle, pine forest, mountainous forest, different landscape and scenery. Enjoy and walk along the panoramic view of mountainous ranges. visit different villages of (Shan-Palaung-Lisu) ethnnicity, enjoy different types of traditional food. We will teach ethnicity culture, activities, life styles, works career, local politic knowledge and their believes etc;. Some time we might also be able to encounter some of the local wild animals like monkeys, deer, wild pig, diversity of birds, peacocks etc;.

The trekking options are available from 1 day trek up to 5 days trek. Trekking level will be able to manage base on the traveler and their expectation, such the age (Young age, middle age, elder age, family type, couple, students group.


Trekking Price will be depend on the number of people and also depend on the options of the trek. To know more about the trek and to book the trek please email to or message on Facebook Page at ( Mitch Michael, Northern Shan State Trekking, Myanmar).

Best Regard,

Mitch Michael/ Soe Moe

Email me for price information and book your trek at

Facebook fan-page,

Ph – 09 4500 35654


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