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Curious of Tourists

Local people, even the whole family quite curious about the western tourist trekking up to the village. Curious about the look, hair

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Hill Tribe Traditional Indoor Kitchen

While we having nap after lunch around the stove which mainly use for Palaung family to cook their meal every day. Traditionally for the family to sit around it and having their conversation and chatting.

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Beautiful Mountain Top Scenery

We are about to reach the peak of 2300 Meter high mountain top. The weather was perfect and really cool breeze and best scenery of the trek, at ‪#‎Namhsan‬ township.

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Hardest Level Trek

The most difficult 3 days trek is become a challenge for the traveler to choose and it is quite adventure. But whenever the trek is end, they enjoy it very much and become one of their unforgettable memory experience.

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Shan Traditional Tatoo

Shan Traditional Tattoo, which is believe of Shan people, especially they have put the tattoo when they became adult. The tattoo is a sign of Buddhist fortune table and a symbol of Buddhism Pali letter in Shan which maily believe …

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Trekking to remote village in Northern Shan state, Myanmar

Trekking to remote village around the Namhsan town ship, to reach to Lisu village, Palung village and Nepali village which located away from  the city, you have to walk across the mountainous forest and high up about 1800 m.  

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Black Tea & Wet Tea

“Tea” is one of the main job and career of Palaung people, they earn for their living by processing the tea whole year round. They mainly produce dry(black) tea, wet tea and sweet tea powder by processing from the fresh green …

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Wooden House Village of Palaung ethnicity

The wooden house is quite exotic and it is a kind of traditional art design of Palaung people which village located on the mountain top. All the house has been painted by pine-sap to protect the wood from being rot due …

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Mountainous View

Trekking around the mountainous area is very beautiful as all the different landscape has their own charm to attract the traveler. Once you reach at the higher point of the mountain, the atmosphere is very nice, you will feel the …

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Jungle Walk

Walking across the jungle forest make you experience the different life from city and you will explore variety of nature that you have never seen. When you reach at the creek, the spring flowing water make you feel clam and …

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