Just a selfie fun !


Enjoin the trek, stop at the beautiful point and take some selfie picture.

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Agriculture Land And Rice Paddy


By the time you trek around the region, you will also visit the different landscape of rocky mountain and the beautiful rice paddy. January is time for Shan people to harvest the rice and stack up into a pile. Afterward, …

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You can go to our TripAdvisor account to see some of the review from international travelers for more information and about their personally feeling of the trek.

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Village like a place of heaven


    One of the mountain top village we used to trek, which located in the north of Hsipaw (1600m) sea level. Feeling peaceful and it’s like an mmagination of arriving to the heaven. Very green environment and lovely mist …

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Helpful horses


Horses are very helpful for people, used in term of transporting goods from mountain to mountain. It is a way of ancient style stransportation which still being exit nowadays.

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Beautiful rice paddy


Beautiful rice paddy around the Hsipaw mountain and lovely walk around the nature.

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Very cute little monk


So much of passion to kick the white-ball by cutie little monk !

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Banyan Tree

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Praying Monks

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Curious of Tourists


Local people, even the whole family quite curious about the western tourist trekking up to the village. Curious about the look, hair

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