Three days – trek options

( 2 nights 3 days trekking tour around Hsipaw region )

After your breakfast, Leaving the hotel by Tuk Tuk ride about 10mins to avoid the busy town. Start the trek from Shan village surrounded by the seasonal agriculture field. Morning walk takes 4 hours with tea break, before having lunch. During the morning walk, we will visit few Shan village, show you around their garden, people life style , rock clip landscape and mountain farms land. After the lunch, evening walk will take about 2 hours. During the afternoon walk, I will take you through tea plantation, pine forest, mountain forest, best panoramic view of mountainous range. We will stay overnight at mountain top village surrounded by the tea plantation (sleep in the local family home). You can explore more about the mountain lifestyle or Ta-Ang/ Palaung people. (total walk about 6 or 7 Hrs.)
Leaving the family home after breakfast, walk for 3 Hrs for the lunch stop. During the 3 hours walk, we will see the different form of mountain landscape and different village of Tang/Palaung people, also walking through the big forest, some cold spring and some jungle, experience the beautiful nature of rain forest. After the lunch, the afternoon walk will be about 2 or 3 Hours. In the afternoon, we will visit the different Shan and Palaung villages and enjoy the different environment landscape and their seasonal farm lands. We will stay overnight at one of the family in the mountain top village of Palaung tribe. (total walk about 6 Hours)
After the breakfast, we will say good bye to family and start our trek. Morning walk will be about 4 Hours by visiting the Shan villages and the Shan valley. Enjoy the different scenery and the nature as well as their different farm lands. After Lunch, we will get pick up by Tuk Tuk, to visit mirror-arts temples called (Borgyo Paya) and drive to waterfall for refreshing ourself before heading back to Hsipaw. After refreshing at the waterfall, we will back to Hsipaw and to your hotel about 4pm. Finish the trek and relex. (total walk about 5 Hrs)

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